Step 1 - Selecting Frames

Selecting a frame is the first task. When selecting a frame you can make your decision based on the decor in the room that the piece will be hung in or based on the actual artwork. You may also choose based on your preference.

Step 2 - Selecting Mats

Mat selection is based on the piece. You may want the piece to “pop” or you may want the piece to blend into the overall artwork. You may select a subtle color in the piece and match it with the mat. By doing this, you create a “popping” effect. You may also pick a strong color in the piece that will cause it all to come together beautifully. 

Step 3 - Seal or Glass

We carry two options for protecting your art work. 

Option 1 - Seal: This process adds a UV protected film that is resistant to water and minor scratches.

Option 2 - Glass: This is a widely accepted and standard method for protecting artwork. There are 2 options available, non-reflective and regular glass.

Step 4 - Putting it All Together

The final product should satisfy your desire aesthetically, whether the picture “pops” or it’s totally blended and looks like a whole piece.


How long will it take? - Typically it takes 5 business days. However, if we are extremely busy it may be extended to no more than 10 business days.

What if I need a piece completed urgently? - We offer what is called Priority Work. There is an extra fee for work that needs to be done in less than 3 business days. There is also a fee for work to be done by the third business day. 

Delivery - We offer delivery services.

Hanging - We provide hanging services.